Blogging for amateurs

Isn’t it marvellous ?!

You scribble away about things that seem important to you, and what sort of response do you get ?…. nothing.

Put up one post about GTA4 ( that’s Grand Theft Auto IV) and, all of a sudden, hitsville !!! 🙂

What IS the world made of ?… Ha Ha….


GTA4 is almost upon us, lovers

Grand Theft Auto IV is nearly, very nearly with us.

Well with you, actually, because I don’t have a games console.  I can’t justify the expense of something which would keep me glued to a screen all day, I have much too much to do on the computer ! So I’ll have to wait another few years, probably, before I get the chance to indulge myself, by which time it will be too late because I’m sure Amanda is not into gratuitous violence. 😦 (See earlier post)

Now you have to be the sort of person who is very “over 18” to be able to play any of the GTA series, and having a particular affinity with wanton violence and blood-letting is a perceived bonus but, that said, some of the humour is just soooo off-the-wall….

As a taster for GTA4, Rockstar Games have released some “previews” based on it, one of which is the dating website.  Try it for yourself in a new window here, take the Personality Quiz, and then decide for yourself how many years they should lock you up for ! 🙂

Now who do I know who has a Playstation 3 or an X-Box 360 ?……

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