GTA4 is almost upon us, lovers

Grand Theft Auto IV is nearly, very nearly with us.

Well with you, actually, because I don’t have a games console.  I can’t justify the expense of something which would keep me glued to a screen all day, I have much too much to do on the computer ! So I’ll have to wait another few years, probably, before I get the chance to indulge myself, by which time it will be too late because I’m sure Amanda is not into gratuitous violence. 😦 (See earlier post)

Now you have to be the sort of person who is very “over 18” to be able to play any of the GTA series, and having a particular affinity with wanton violence and blood-letting is a perceived bonus but, that said, some of the humour is just soooo off-the-wall….

As a taster for GTA4, Rockstar Games have released some “previews” based on it, one of which is the dating website.  Try it for yourself in a new window here, take the Personality Quiz, and then decide for yourself how many years they should lock you up for ! 🙂

Now who do I know who has a Playstation 3 or an X-Box 360 ?……

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