If there’s one thing that will get me back to my blog it’s a good laugh

It’s been quite a while since I posted anything on here because I’ve been spending most of my spare time on my little project (www.farmeramaaid.com) but I had to blip back here just to share this with you.

American TV viewers may have seen it before, but it still deserves another airing.

I think Charlie Sheen rocks! ūüôā

Stay well!

This tickles me

We have Chinese TV programs on a lot at our place since Amanda arrived, and in between some of them there will be a short musical video interlude.
One of them has been tickling me for months, I think it’s because it just seems so oddball.
See what you think.

(Jay Chou, Cowboy on the run)

The abomination that is… Pastor Terry Jones

I see with some horror and disgust that a lunatic preacher from Florida (Pastor Terry Jones) is planning on publicly burning copies of the Quran on Sept 11th.

There are a number of points that immediately come to mind about this but first and foremost, if the media were to stay away from him and his lunatic associates instead of publicising them so much then what would he be left with ?  Nothing.

Come on ABC, NBC, CNN or whoever… just STAY AWAY.

This is NOT NEWS !

If the media went rushing round to every lunatic who said he was going to do something obnoxious, offensive, or just downright bloody stupid they would¬†be able¬†to wipe out the unemployment situation at a stroke in order to find enough people to cover all the “events”, and there wouldn’t be enough air time to show it all.

Just for once, Media, have some balls… IGNORE HIM.

If he gets NO PUBLICITY then he becomes just another back street loonie with his own home videos to watch.

When he puts them on Youtube, or wherever, they can immediately be blocked as distasteful/offensive. Problem solved.

Alternatively, of course, as he plans his little ritual for 6pm on Sept. 11th there is always the hope that he might suffer a fatal heart attack at 5pm on Sept. 11th.

Now that really would be something worth praying for….

Question: How long is a tennis match ?

Answer: We don’t know !

At least we don’t know yet.

There are times when you know you have things to do but something just gets in the way. Tonight that thing was Nicholas Mahut v John Isner in the first round at Wimbledon.

At the time of writing this the score is

Mahut 4 6 7 6 59
Isner 6 3 6 7 59

but they have stopped for the night and will carry on tomorrow.

A war of attrition for which superlatives are not enough.

So many records have been broken that the list is still being compiled.

Two incredible athletes slugging it out face to face for 10 hours so far, and still no end in sight; no tantrums, no arguments with officialdom, no showing off… just skill, ability and athleticism.

Total respect !

I even forgot about the World Cup…..

I must get my hearing tested

Ok, so I wasn’t really concentrating just now having put the Open Golf on the TV, but while referring to Paul Broadhurst¬†I’m sure the commentator said, …

“That’s a very heavy, worring moustache.”

Paul Broadhurst doesn’t appear to have a moustache !


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