This page contains stuff from YouTube that I think matches any of the following criteria…

Interesting, Thought Provoking, Sweet (really cute and fluffy), Funny, or just plain Hilarious !

In no particular order….

Spotted 2010 – Jesus “I will survive” – LMAO…

Just watch it !

OMG… I nearly wet myself…

Me being a Brit the name “Jimmy Kimmel” meant nothing to me. Sarah Silverman… I might possibly have heard of, but I certainly couldn’t tell you anything about her.

Put the two names together ?…… still nothing.

Well thanks to erinslick there is now one thing I, as a broad-minded person, DO know about Sarah Silverman…..

If you don’t know the story, apparantly she and Jimmy had been an “item” for about 5 years and she was appearing as a guest on his chat show. The rest is glorious, technicolor history.

Breaking the news
(Clip Length 5:24)

… and so as not to appear too downhearted, Jimmy replied with…

Taking the news
(Clip Length 5:48)

Where can I get one of those car stickers ?

Stephen Fry

Dear, dear Stephen.  This guy is, quite simply, my favouritist human being of the age.  May you make me laugh my grubby little socks off every single day of my life.

(Clip Length 1:07)

The Letter
(Clip Length 7:41)

And from the best TV Quiz/Panel game type show ever to be invented, QI, various excerpts that tickle me from head to toe…

Mein Handy
(Clip Length 0:52)

They say of the Acropolis, where the Parthenon is…
(Clip Length 0:52)

Impersonating stars from Horror Movies
(Clip Length 2:22)

Oh, there will be many more… once I’ve finished laughing enough to be able to type.

The Amazing Lyre Bird

If you have never heard the amazing imitations this bird can do (not just of other bird songs)then you have missed out on one of the wonders of creation.

(Note: The sound of chainsaws was not learned from Loggers [every one of which I would personally shoot] but from Forest Rangers maintaining pathways through the forests)

Lyre Bird 1
(Clip Length 2:54)

The first clip is part of the original BBC wildlife footage with David Attenborough doing the voiceover.

Lyre Bird 2
(Clip Length 1:57)

The second clip is a different edit and incorporates some different imitated sounds from the bird with a different voiceover (possibly by a guy called Pete Moore) and a funny advert at the end.  (I am aware that this may be a spoof!)

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