Question: How long is a tennis match ?

Answer: We don’t know !

At least we don’t know yet.

There are times when you know you have things to do but something just gets in the way. Tonight that thing was Nicholas Mahut v John Isner in the first round at Wimbledon.

At the time of writing this the score is

Mahut 4 6 7 6 59
Isner 6 3 6 7 59

but they have stopped for the night and will carry on tomorrow.

A war of attrition for which superlatives are not enough.

So many records have been broken that the list is still being compiled.

Two incredible athletes slugging it out face to face for 10 hours so far, and still no end in sight; no tantrums, no arguments with officialdom, no showing off… just skill, ability and athleticism.

Total respect !

I even forgot about the World Cup…..

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