This is a selection of pictures which I like for any of the following reasons:

                          a) I think they are beautiful

                          b) They remind me of something / someone special

                          c) They tickle my sense of humour

                    They were all taken by me unless otherwise stated.



                    Kyles of Bute
                                              The Kyles of Bute

    A Frosty Morning Kinnoul Woods
                                     A frosty morning in Scotland

Animals / Birds / Wildlife

Bald Eagle Chick Head
           I guarantee you this is a genuine extract from a close-up shot of a

                         Bald Eagle chick that I took in Labrador in 1999.

            The original picture was taken from a distance of about 4 metres.

                                                I was shaking !!!


Heron at Spey Bay Reserve - 18th Sept 2007

               Heron at Spey Bay Wildlife Reserve – 18th Sept 2007

      It took me over 20 years to get anything like a good shot of a heron.

   If anyone wants a pile of shots of herons flying away from the camera…..

Kirsch in garden Who me dad
Kirsch in the garden in Wales and Close-up
3 Pups kiss pup
Three of her pups Give me a kiss


                       Stoned Bus
Can somebody please, please draw me a cartoon to go along with this… ?

                              Mince Pie
                                  Oh… my poor, sad mince pie !

4 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. Tara Says:

    Love the sad mince pie pic. Have you got nothing better to do with your time?!

  2. honorarynewfie Says:

    Well, as it happens…. NO !

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