Secure site “Timed Out” ? Beware of “Tab Napping” !

While logging in to my emails today I spotted a news item which highlighted a new, very sneaky form of phishing…. “Tab Napping“.

From the original Yahoo Finance article I read…

How does it work? By replacing an inactive browser tab with a fake page set up specifically to obtain your personal data – without you even realising it has happened.

Believe it or not, fraudsters can actually detect when a tab has been left inactive for a while, and spy on your browser history to find out which websites you regularly visit, and therefore which pages to fake.

So don’t assume that after you have opened a new tab and visited a web page, that web page will stay the same even if you don’t return to it for a time while you use other windows and tabs. Malicious code can replace the web page you opened with a fake version which looks virtually identical to the legitimate page you originally visited.

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Take care !

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