How would you interpret this version of “I will survive” ?

I don’t normally do politics or religion on this blog, partly because I want this blog to be a happy place and partly because I have some fairly radical views on things that will likely upset people. However, on this occasion I’m dipping my toe in the water because I feel there is a message worth spreading.
Check this out…

There are two further videos in the series… which, I must say, does nothing for me and where one gets to the truth behind the old man’s feelings.
An Australian newspaper article highlights some of the controversy surrounding these videos but here I will give my own personal take on it.
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Dad would have been 100 today

Friday 21st August 2009 would have been Pop’s 100th birthday.

I don’t know what he would have done by way of celebration.  No doubt it would have been something that no centenarian should have been doing.

For his 89th birthday my then partner and I gave him a flying lesson (the first time he had ever been off the ground).  He was trying to decide whether to go again for his 90th, or maybe try wing-walking instead !  Unfortunately he never got the opportunity.

So who was he ?…

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