Google Chrome: Some likes, some dislikes, and an oddity

Firstly I must say that I am only making comparisons between Chrome and Internet Explorer. This is because I have never used any other browser (other than Firefox for about a week, some six years ago… so that doesn’t count).

It is quite possible that the things I like about Chrome are available elsewhere. I would bow to the readers’ greater knowledge.


  • Compared to IE, goes like poo off a gardening implement (not a difficult achievement, but this is impressive)
  • The Most Visited option when opening a new tab is a neat idea
  • The fact that what’s going on, rather than just ticking over somewhere nondescript at the bottom left, appears in a “foggy” box down there which catches the eye, so you are likely to notice that something is going on, especially if you weren’t expecting it.
  • Much cleaner and less cluttered screen
  • The Incognito window is useful, especially when you don’t want to “pollute” your history.
  • Show all Downloads is particularly useful for somebody like me. Having downloaded something I will invariably forget where I saved it to. Show all Downloads brings up a list of everything you have downloaded and then lets you look at it in the folder you saved it to. Neat.


  • The most obvious thing is that Chrome doesn’t (at least yet) allow one to automatically transfer to a new tab which is being opened.
  • Some of the obviously preferable options are not set as the default so one has to change them. Can’t remember which at the moment, and it was only slightly annoying. Actually having to “go find them” was a useful tutorial exercise anyway.
  • I know I shouldn’t really complain, but Chrome is less tolerant of outdated (deprecated) HTML. This is a little annoying for me as, (due to my short-term memory problems) I am struggling to keep up with the latest incarnations. Some of my favourite sites are apparently not fully up to speed either, so they could look a little better. But, hey, I’m all in favour of progress when it’s warranted.
  • The extended History takes a while to get used to (for me, for some reason), but has an annoying quirk. The visits for today run backwards in chronological order, but once one reaches the turn of the day everything is ordered by time of day, not date ! This means that a site you visited months ago at 23:59:59 comes before the last site you visited last night. Arrgghh !


  • (and this is wierd !) The display quality of some fonts is a little “fuzzier” than when using IE….. but some graphics are clearer ! That one I really don’t understand….

So there we are, after a few days of normal (not geeky) usage all in all I’m pretty pleased. I still haven’t decided whether there are any security issues involved. Reading up on it before I took the plunge there seemed to be some concerns among the more technical boffins, but I took the plunge and I’m glad I did.

There will probably be follow-up reports from time to time.

Thanks for listening, and it would be good to hear what others think.

I don’t normally do irony…

… but it is ironic that I used Internet Explorer to download Google Chrome. 🙂 That’s a bit like handing a gun to your executioner !

I know it’s early days (well, about 30 minutes actually) but all the claims about speed were certainly true. Wow!

Here’s hoping that it’s stable enough to continue to use (not much competition there ! ), and that it doesn’t give me any security issues.

Have had to download the Adobe Flash Movie Add-on in order to see my stats here on WordPress, but that seems only a minor irritation.

So far I like what I see.

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