Being faced with two wild tigers (This post is not “Super-awesome”)

Last night I was sent into a state of panic again by one of the WordPress features, i.e. Surprise Me!.
To save me retyping what I have already written in the Forums here is a transcript of my response to the question “Can “Suprise me!” cue a video?” asked by windwhistle and the response by 1tess that reminded me that this is an optional feature.
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My position on the “Like” and “Reblog” debate

There are a number of discussions taking place here on WordPress at the moment regarding the recent introduction on of “Like” and “Reblog” features.

In the main I have been following the debate on TimeThief‘s blog and through the Forum (until this subject was closed to further debate by the Ministry of Silly Wa*ks), although many other WordPress bloggers have also been up in arms about the way the whole thing was implemented.

Anyway, I think it’s about time I clarified my own personal position with regard to these new features from the point of view of a general user of WordPress and skirting around, where possible, the political issues surrounding the rights/wrongs of Reblogging.

I will address them both individually.

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