Hits – What do people expect from me ?

Prompted by Kelly’s list of search engine hits on her blog I thought I’d have a look at my own and see what inspires people to visit the old Honorarynewfie.
The all-time record goes to “who said honesty is the best policy”, but here’s a selection of the finest of the others and, me being me of course, I can’t let them pass without a little tongue-in-cheek comment.

some dislikes – and you ended up on my blog…. thanks, all 3 of you !
some dislikes. – You can’t fool me… that’s you again, isn’t it ? I recognise the style
some of sacagawea’s dislikes – Dunno… go ask sacagawea
communist velociraptor – politics must be older than I thought…
velociraptor on bicycle – … and bicycles
sleep weasels – or there’ll be no toast for breakfast (anagram of stoat, get it?)
not environmentally frinedly – nor particularly good at spelling, but I like you
name two things you would have to interpret – easy, Spanish and French. Next !
disadvantages of traffic jam– don’t you know already ?!
what does bicycle mean in china – Um… don’t tell me, it’s on the tip of my tongue… I know it… I know it…
how many cyclists in china – This is Honorarynewfie, not Wikipedia
old englishman – Guilty as charged, M’lud
us travel assenvironment – strangely enough “assenvironment” was going to be the subject of my next post
abba dont remember – it’s their age, bless
“delicate bits” – you came here for that ?! No, I can recommend a much better site….
who said honesty is the best police – I don’t know, but it was a cop out
grems-2010@hotmail.com – How on earth did that point at this blog ???
zombie bicycle – Imagery… a modern remake of Thriller with everybody on BMX’s, and you know that bit where they all jump up at once ?… go for it !
farmeromer – farm aroma… love it ! Haha !
on farmerama how do you go to night time? – you just look up from your computer and find it’s there already !
congratulation on japan earthquake – Thank you, but in fairness I can’t take all the credit
old english man – is that the guy with the sheepdog ?
could you survive an intense love making session with a dog – No ex-wife jokes allowed
farmerama bald eagle – :O Hell’s teeth, what level do you have to reach to get that ???
i’m sorry i haven’t a clue sean connery – That’sh perfectly all right, shome would shay
φαρμεραμα blog – It’s all Greek to me
astronomy – I hope my humble little blog was able to answer all your questions, but if there’s anything you’d like me just to go over again for you…
eaten by a bear – and still Googling ? There’s nothing some people can’t do !
the world greatest eagles vs sheep – Big ones; very big I would think
abomination – I love your blog too

and there’s a plethora of hamster-related material…

golf hamsters – I swear I’ve never made that connection
hamster tyre – would be as a spare for on the “golf” ?
the biggest hamster sheep in the world – hamster sheep ?! I’m not having that running around in a ball all night in my living room !
would a hamster run at night or day – Yes
amanda the hamster – No, Amanda the wife. Pay attention, there will be a test later.
how fast are hamsters? – I’m sorry, because of falling educational standards these days it has to be multiple choice… at least a) very, b) not very
ow many miles do hamsters run in a day? – shouldn’t that be “amsters” ?
how far do wild hamsters go every night – all the way, mate, all the way !
how many times does a hamster run on its wheel over a 10 hour period? – Why, specifically, 10 hours ? I’ll tell you 24 hours, you do the maths. (Lazy sod !)
how far does my hamster run – how should I know, it’s your hamster
what do hamsters do at night – Ooo… hamster-type things, you know…
how do hamsters know day and night – One is dark….
how long should hamsters run – Until their little legs ache, then they should unwind with a hot shower, a rub down and some sunflower seeds
how far does an average hamster run – an average distance… Doh !
tapewarm in hamster – So that’s how to get that tape warm. Thanks. Here Hammy !…
how long can hamsters travel – until their passports run out
do hamsters far? – Now that could be one of two questions….

So, which form of Extremism is right for you ?

Trawling around on some blogs and watching YouTube videos that people have highlighted I often then play through some associated videos that catch my eye.

Given that I have quite extreme views on some subjects (most of which I do not post on here) I was tickled by this one I found.

Which is your favourite form of extremism ?

Being faced with two wild tigers (This post is not “Super-awesome”)

Last night I was sent into a state of panic again by one of the WordPress features, i.e. Surprise Me!.
To save me retyping what I have already written in the Forums here is a transcript of my response to the question “Can “Suprise me!” cue a video?” asked by windwhistle and the response by 1tess that reminded me that this is an optional feature.
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My position on the “Like” and “Reblog” debate

There are a number of discussions taking place here on WordPress at the moment regarding the recent introduction on WordPress.com of “Like” and “Reblog” features.

In the main I have been following the debate on TimeThief‘s blog and through the Forum (until this subject was closed to further debate by the Ministry of Silly Wa*ks), although many other WordPress bloggers have also been up in arms about the way the whole thing was implemented.

Anyway, I think it’s about time I clarified my own personal position with regard to these new features from the point of view of a general user of WordPress and skirting around, where possible, the political issues surrounding the rights/wrongs of Reblogging.

I will address them both individually.

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Truth or Fiction (2) – Answers

Well that got a huge response, didn’t it ? 😦

Nobody got the right answer, including you Kelly. 😉

Anyway, here’s how it goes….
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I Heart China

I have a few blogs on WordPress already, all of them attached to this same user profile, Honorarynewfie. Some of them you may be aware of, some of them maybe not.

But now I’ve started another one !

For reasons that would only be clear to me it’s not part of the same group; I now have another profile, B2212.

The blog’s called I Heart China, and it’s a retrospective travelogue/diary of “our story”, Amanda and I, beginning with my first trip out to China to meet my beautiful little Chinese wife.

A lot of the pictures, especially the early ones, are not of a particularly high standard. There will be ones taken using mobile phones, video cameras, basically whatever was at hand at the time; but it’s not about quality it’s about the experiences, memories, and helping me to organise the thousands of photos we have taken over the past two years.

The blog will be a small selection of those pictures with a brief description of the events of each day.

The “About” page explains a little more.

The layout is still work in progress so it may chop and change about a bit until I get it settled. 😉

I’ll still be “doing my thing” on here; I’m not going anywhere; there will just be more of me ! 😯

Enjoy !

Truth or Fiction (2)

As part of the deal for accepting the “Kreativ Blogger” award from Kelly in the previous post I have to tell you seven things about myself.

What better way than to have another game of Truth or Fiction ?

One of the following statements about me is untrue. All you have to do is spot which one, and tell me why you think that’s bullsh1t !

1 ) For his 89th birthday I gave my Dad… a flying lesson !

2 ) When unemployed once I kept myself afloat by making and selling candles.

3 ) On the wall behind my computer desk is a large collage of pictures celebrating when Reading Football Club won promotion to the Premiership.

4 ) When at home I drink my tea from a pint sized mug.

5 ) I drive a 13 year old Peugeot diesel estate.

6) My feet are size 11. (UK sizing)

7 ) I used to be a football referee. (soccer)

8 ) My favourite joke is:

  • There are 10 types of people: those who understand Binary, and those who don’t.

Good luck ! Answers will probably be posted early next week.

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