Blogging for amateurs

Isn’t it marvellous ?!

You scribble away about things that seem important to you, and what sort of response do you get ?…. nothing.

Put up one post about GTA4 ( that’s Grand Theft Auto IV) and, all of a sudden, hitsville !!! 🙂

What IS the world made of ?… Ha Ha….


5 Responses to “Blogging for amateurs”

  1. Abbadon Says:

    What is the world made of?

    Turds without clean ends. Damn, I love that quote!!!

  2. honorarynewfie Says:

    Only happy to reciprocate a smile.

    By the way, I approve of your verbal treatment of the albatross… how you haven’t stiffed that dork I will never know.

  3. Abbadon Says:

    Thank you.

    It’s like this – if I stiff the fucker (and I assume by that you mean not pay, as is meant by that here?), we will end up in court.

    The job is too small to do so, and I have yet to end up in litigation.

    As it is I had to stop payment on his final check as he is refusing to give me a release of lien so tomorrow I have to go beat him about the head and neck (figuratively speaking, of course, unfortunately) to get him to see reason. Hopefully, after that, he will be the fuck out of my life for good.

    At least it’s been good blogfodder…

  4. honorarynewfie Says:

    Oh no… I was being very blunt… Stiff as in corpse but, as you, figuratively speaking. Although there are some people one meets in life where one thinks “How have lived to such an age by being such an a**hole ?”

    But like you say… good blogfodder… and where better to get something off your chest ?

    BTW… If I haven’t said it before, nice carpentry !… I approve.

  5. Abbadon Says:

    Thanks, mate!

    What’s your e-mail addy?

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