Daily routines take many forms, but life goes on

From the window of Amanda’s apartment there is a view to part of the end of the lane.
Every day at around 4:30 in the afternoon the “Veg Woman” arrives and starts laying out her stall just beside the Noodle Cafe. I think she lives in one of the apartments on the opposite side of the lane.
She starts by just bringing down the board on which she will lay out her wares and the box that she uses as a stool.
Then she brings out the veg, sits on her little box, arranges the veg on the board, and sits and waits for customers. On the day I took these pictures of her a customer arrived even before she had fully set up her stall.


A customer, even before she's ready


Serving the customer

Weighing and pricing

Weighing and pricing

Just waiting

And she sits, studies, and waits

Business must be fairly good because when I was here last year she hardly had enough stock each day to cover the board one item high, but now she has reached the point where she could do with more space, a bigger board.
Every time she makes a sale she rearranges the items on the board to make as attractive a display as she can, and if she has gone too long with nobody showing any interest she will rearrange things too to try to drum up some interest.
She sits there, every day, until later in the evening (maybe 10:00) when she packs up and is replaced by a guy who has a barbecue stall on the back of his tricycle. He does good business too, until the early hours of the morning.
I know nothing of this woman. I don’t know her circumstances, her reasons for starting up her little business, what she does with the rest of her time, or anything. A “shoe shine” woman in town who cleaned our shoes for us one day last year told Amanda that she was doing that to raise the money to put her son through college, maybe the Veg Woman has a similar story.
Whatever the reason, each day I am here I look forward to her arrival. It is part of the daily routine of Nanning, a sign that all is well with the world.
Life goes on.

5 Responses to “Daily routines take many forms, but life goes on”

  1. Kikipotamus the Hobo Says:

    That is very cool. Are you learning Mandarin or Cantonese? If so, my hat is off to you for attempting a tonal language.

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      You can keep your hat on, Kelly.
      With my short-term memory and concentration problems learning any form of Chinese becomes a virtual impossibility !
      I had reached the point in my life where I felt that expanding my linguistic skills had become an option and something that I would like to do; build up my basic French, add to the few words of Spanish that I had picked up on holidays over the years, maybe even have a go at some Russian (which I have always been drawn to). Then I had my accident. 😦
      However, I spotted a news article a few weeks ago which mentioned some research that had been done into how memories are laid down and, just for once, it was one of those things that struck a chord with me. It has given me an idea about how I might be able to adapt it a bit and utilise the techniques it mentioned to develop a learning method that might, just might, work for me.
      If I can find the time, energy, and organisational skill to put it together and prove that it works then I might just be able to use it for learning some form of Chinese, along with improving my memory in lots of other areas too.
      Just don’t expect any “Hot News” on the subject for the foreseeable future.

  2. Kikipotamus the Hobo Says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear. It’s so exciting to keep up with current research into neurology. That has always been an area of fascination for me (I gobbled every Oliver Sacks book that came out). I watched a TED Talk today about mirror neurons. Take care, K

  3. Matt Says:

    Found your blog on Bing and was so glad i did. That was a excellent read. I have a tiny question.Is it OK if i send you an email???…

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Hi Matt,
      You don’t need my email address to ask me a question, put it on here. Just don’t mention the mirrors.
      Have a good day.

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