Never mind the Duracell Bunny, this little lady just goes on and on…

Sweetie on Amanda's hand

Sweetie on Amanda's hand

Sweetie in Amanda's flip-flop

Sweetie in Amanda's flip-flop

No batteries needed…

When Amanda was getting ready for bed last night at about 11:10pm Sweetie had already notched up nearly 2km, or 1.25 miles.

By the time Amanda got up this morning and checked her again, at 6:30am, she had done a further 12.8Km, or just under 8 miles.

If that was non-stop, which it wasn’t, it would have been an average speed of 1.75Km/Hr, or almost 1.1 MPH.

In total she set a yet another new record for 24 hour (overnight) endurance, 14.75Km, or 9.16 miles.

It must be something in the water !……


What is this bug ?

I was standing around outside the office yesterday having a smoke break and I happened to spot a little creature wandering across one of the leaves of some dogwood.  At first I thought it was a spider, but when I looked closer I realised it wasn’t.

I peered closely at the little blighter for a minute or two and thought to myself… “Wow … you’re weird !”

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