Just wave the “little finger”

I haven’t been on here for a while because I’ve been concentrating on another project, but I came back to the old “HN” today because I wanted to comment on a blogging friend’s latest post.
After that I thought I’d refresh my memory about what some of my more recent posts had been about, (“Recent!? That’s a laugh!”), and I watched the Youtube video again in the post “It’s not the words, it’s what you do with them“.
When the video finished Youtube brought up some alternatives for me to view, as it does, and I watched this one.
Being someone who has been hit by a car who’s driver wasn’t paying full attention I found it quite moving. But most of all I liked the message at the end of it.
I hope when you see someone driving like an idiot you too will wave the little finger!

The abomination that is… Pastor Terry Jones

I see with some horror and disgust that a lunatic preacher from Florida (Pastor Terry Jones) is planning on publicly burning copies of the Quran on Sept 11th.

There are a number of points that immediately come to mind about this but first and foremost, if the media were to stay away from him and his lunatic associates instead of publicising them so much then what would he be left with ?  Nothing.

Come on ABC, NBC, CNN or whoever… just STAY AWAY.

This is NOT NEWS !

If the media went rushing round to every lunatic who said he was going to do something obnoxious, offensive, or just downright bloody stupid they would be able to wipe out the unemployment situation at a stroke in order to find enough people to cover all the “events”, and there wouldn’t be enough air time to show it all.

Just for once, Media, have some balls… IGNORE HIM.

If he gets NO PUBLICITY then he becomes just another back street loonie with his own home videos to watch.

When he puts them on Youtube, or wherever, they can immediately be blocked as distasteful/offensive. Problem solved.

Alternatively, of course, as he plans his little ritual for 6pm on Sept. 11th there is always the hope that he might suffer a fatal heart attack at 5pm on Sept. 11th.

Now that really would be something worth praying for….

So, which form of Extremism is right for you ?

Trawling around on some blogs and watching YouTube videos that people have highlighted I often then play through some associated videos that catch my eye.

Given that I have quite extreme views on some subjects (most of which I do not post on here) I was tickled by this one I found.

Which is your favourite form of extremism ?

Justice for all – Food for thought

Let’s put the pensioners in jail and the criminals in a nursing home.
Caution - Pensioners ahead

This way the pensioners would have access to showers, hobbies, and walks.

They would receive unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical treatment, wheel chairs etc. and they’d receive money instead of paying it out.

They would have constant video monitoring so they could be helped instantly if they fell or needed assistance.

Bedding would be washed twice a week and all clothing would be ironed and returned to them.

A guard would check on them every 20 minutes and bring their meals and snacks to their cell.

They would have family visits in a suite especially built for that purpose.

They would have access to a library, weight room, spiritual counselling, pool, and education.

Simple clothing, shoes, slippers, P.J.’s and legal aid would be free on request.

Private, secure rooms for all with an outdoor exercise yard and gardens.

Each pensioner could have a P.C., a T.V., a radio and daily phone calls.

There would be a board of directors to hear complaints and the guards would have a code of conduct that would be strictly adhered to.

Criminals in Nursing Homes

The “criminals” would get cold food and be left all alone and unsupervised.

“Lights out” would be at 8pm, and showers would only be available once a week.

They would live in a tiny room for which they would have to pay £3,000.00 a month, and they would have no hope of ever getting out.

Justice for all !

Being faced with two wild tigers (This post is not “Super-awesome”)

Last night I was sent into a state of panic again by one of the WordPress features, i.e. Surprise Me!.
To save me retyping what I have already written in the Forums here is a transcript of my response to the question “Can “Suprise me!” cue a video?” asked by windwhistle and the response by 1tess that reminded me that this is an optional feature.
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Bring back the Darwin Awards, and here’s the first nomination

OMG ! This I could not believe

Entitled “Global Warming Breaking News: China eyeing perks of ice-free Arctic” this YouTube video tries to make the point that the Corporate world will carry on seeking out new opportunities for making a profit, irrespective of whether there are any of us left to provide that profit or if the search for that opportunity is itself the cause of our demise (through the global warming that it causes).

Why the producer of the video picks on China is not clear, because if (when) the Arctic ice melts there are many countries and Corporations that will try to butcher the resources that become available and take advantage of the new shipping lanes. But hey, it’s their video.

However, I digress.

Try to think of the most mind-bogglingly stupid thing that a group of people could possibly do.

Nope…. you’re not even close yet. Try again.

Need some help ? ….

Think dumb-ass, and then add thirty eight noughts to the end of it…. Yes, THAT stupid !

See if you can imagine a situation where a whole group of people could be just standing around, minding their own business, having a lovely day, fascinated by what they are seeing and hearing, and waiting for a spectacular event to occur… and yet be so blissfully unaware that when it does occur it will, inevitably, lead to their deaths.

Can you think of anything ?

Watch this…
(Clip Length 5:03)

Almost as unbelievable is the fact that the producer classes them as “victims” who were “swept out to sea as a glacier melts in front of their eyes and then carries them to their deaths”.

Well that must be the fault of global warming then !

I nominate all the “victims” who had not yet had children as the first recipients of the newly reinstated Darwin Award.

How I miss those…..

But define what you mean by “Security”…

I have many sisters (long story), but haven’t had any contact with the one who lives nearest to me for almost three years now.  Not a problem.

You, dear reader, need no more information than that to understand that I was somewhat surprised to receive an email from her a couple of weeks ago !

However, on closer inspection it became obvious that this email was, in fact, spam. I duly clicked on the appropriate button to inform my email host of the fact and thought no more of it.

Last week I received another, even more obvious, spam-mail which was using her email address and it received the same treatment.

But today I received a different email, again from her address, in what I consider to be a very business-like font, and I present the text below verbatim (with the exception of her email address) for you to read.

Subject: email account hijack
This email account has been subject to hijack, generating spam advertisement emails for iphones and electronic equipment.
To protect your email address from further abuse, the personal contacts list will be deleted shortly.
Personal email account holders:
The account ‘xxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com’ will no longer be used for personal communications to individuals. It will remain open for non-personal business communications only.
Please contact the user by telephone to obtain new email account details.
Sincere apologies for any breach of security which this unfortunate incident may have caused.

The first thing to note about this email is that (where I have put xxxxxxxxxx) her email address was actually mis-spelled by the omission of one letter.

The second thing to note is this…. the remainder of the header to the email…

From: My Sister (xxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com)
To: ………

… at which point, all NINETY email addresses from her contacts list were there for everyone to see and share !

Quote… “Sincere apologies for any breach of security which this unfortunate incident may have caused.“… Unquote !


I assume that this problem is being sorted out by someone at Hotmail…. someone who has never heard of BCC … BLIND COPY !

What hope in hell does anyone have of beating spam when even Hotmail are plastering people’s email addresses around for all to see ?

Tip: For all of you who like to forward all those “funny” emails you get to lots of your friends, do what I do.

  1. Set up a new contact in your contacts list (address book, or whatever it is called on your system), name it something like “Me Here” (literally !), and put your own email address in it.
  2. When you want to forward something on to more than one person, send it To “Me Here” and BLIND COPY (not just COPY) it to everyone you actually want to send it to. (On some systems, such as Yahoo, you may have to click somewhere hear the header to open up the Blind Copy [BCC] option).

You will get an extra copy of the email yourself, but that is easily deleted and you are doing your bit to cut down on the number of email addresses contained in the email.

If you’re a real trooper and spam-hater you could also do what I do and, rather than just forward the email willly-nilly you could Copy the actual relevant part of it, without everybody’s email addresses and all the footers which are already in it, paste that into a “New” email, and then do what I explained earlier.

It only takes a moment or two.

Or is that asking too much ?

Bank wants to charge £20 and admits it will do nothing for it

I have been waiting for some money to arrive for some weeks now, fully expecting it to be paid directly into my account.  But no.  Yesterday it arrived as a cheque in the post.

Dammit!… I need that money, like “last week”.

So off I toddle to my local branch of Lloyds TSB, cheque in hand, and I ask the woman at the desk how much they charge these days for “special clearance” on a cheque. 

“£20”, she says, “but it won’t make any difference, the money won’t be available to you any sooner.”

What !!??

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Eco-tourism? The world’s greatest misnomer !

I had the very good fortune to happen upon a BBC2 program tonight about the Galapagos Islands.

For years I had thought that eco-tourism was a good thing… “ecological tourism”.

The Galapagos were very much in my top three “places to visit before I die“.

No more… !  Oh no… that would be the biggest mistake I could ever make…

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