That’s an Ausfahrt, mein Führer. (How do you pronounce “Ausfahrt” ?)

For some reason we Brits are renowned for our apparent love of “toilet humour”. I have no idea where this fallacy stems from, and I very much doubt if there is any basis for it in truth.

That said….

I was tidying up my Blogroll this afternoon (Oh, no pun intended 😳 ) and came across a reference to this piece on YouTube. (18 Certificate !)

So that’s how you pronounce Ausfarht !
(Clip Length 3:48)

Ok, so I have to be honest, I laughed my head off !

And the best part is, there’s a whole series of “Hitler Rants” covering all sorts of subjects. I love the one about Brett Favre. 😀

Extreme Shepherding – What Welsh shepherds get up to in their spare time

A friend send me this link in an email today. Oh, did I laugh !
Ok, so there is a little bit of it that appears to have been “touched up” with some computerised enhancements, but that doesn’t take away from the magic of it.

To enjoy 2 minutes 45 seconds of (sponsored) “Welsh Hillside Art”….

It must have taken them ages !

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