Carry on searching

I didn’t get the job. 😦
Hey-ho !
Updated C.V. can be found here.

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4 Responses to “Carry on searching”

  1. Kikipotamus the Hobo Says:

    Ah, but you got an interview! I always view interviews that don’t lead to a job as rehearsals for the next one. Pickins are very slim on this side of the pond, too. It’s been ages since Sylvain had a nibble. Our thoughts are with you (both).

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Yes, at least I made it past the first hurdle this time. 🙂
      I did learn from the experience so there are things I can take with me to the next one, whenever that may be.

  2. knittyhiker Says:

    Congrats on the interview! Poo that you didn’t get the job. That means there’s something out there that’s a better fit for you. You just don’t know it yet!

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Thanks Sarah.
      Yes, I keep hearing that but time, money and food are all running out fast so whatever it is needs to get its ass into gear and show up. 🙂

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