200 Levels completed on Farmerama

8 + 63 + 64 + 65 = 200 !

Actually it’s 204 because there’s the island as well (Bahamarama), but I’m not really into that, mainly because I think it should have its own market and be totally separate from the mainland farms.

Now Tara, my daughter, wants me to take over one of her farms for her for a couple of weeks while she moves house… I’m not looking forward to that. 😦

Must dash… have crops waiting…

2 Responses to “200 Levels completed on Farmerama”

  1. Lorie Kemmling Says:

    I just wanted to stop and take a peek and say Hello! 200 Levels completed …. That is great! I see your an dog lover too. I am myself. I just want to say it is a pleasure to see you & meet you. Thank you!

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Hi Lorie, thanks for stopping by. 🙂
      Oh, it’s given your comment a sad face… stupid system ! Grrrr.
      Yes, I love dogs. Saw a beautiful Dobe down at the beach the other day… Oh, what a mover ! 😛
      I’m glad we bumped into each other Lorie, you’ve given me a real lift.
      Thank you !

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