Butterflies and other creatures at Detian Falls

Detian Falls

Detian Falls - China/Vietnam Border

One of my little habits when I’m out travelling and I have a camera on me is trying to get some decent shots of the varying wildlife, usually without success.

On Monday we went to Detian Falls on the China/Vietnam border, a trip I had been wanting to do ever since my first visit to China.

There are hundreds of photos that we took that day, some of which I’ll put up in a later post or two, but just for once I managed to get some semi-decent photos of butterflies and dragonfly-like things.

Most of these are cropped from the originals. I have no idea yet what particular species each of them are, I just enjoy taking the snaps.

Click on any of the pictures to see it in a new tab/window.

Photography is like fishing… you should have seen the one(s) that got away !


4 Responses to “Butterflies and other creatures at Detian Falls”

  1. widi Says:

    Nice shot, but the picture is too little.

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Hi there, and thanks.
      If you click on any of the pictures you should see a larger version.

  2. eideard Says:

    I don’t budge from the house without my wee pocket camera. The snaps may only be interesting me [and the occasional kinfolk who drop by the site]; but, that’s reason enough.

    Consider availing yourself of WordPress’ images widget and keeping the “latest” available in a sidebar.

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Hi Ed,
      I might do that if I had a garden to take pictures of. 😦
      Mind you, you have reminded me that I can clear some clutter by shoving the Oatmeals onto their own page. I meant to do that months ago but ….
      Good idea though, thanks for the tip.

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