My own personal version of Desert Island Discs, Track 3, “You can call me Al”

I was intending to head off in some sort of chronological order at this point in the series, but I just haven’t been able to resist the urge to dump my favourite track from Paul Simon’s brilliant Graceland album on you.

Far and away one of the greatest albums of all time it has given me untold hours of pleasure listening to Paul’s clever use of African musical themes.

In a way I can almost see a full circle emerging here, because it was this album which awoke in so many people an interest in the music which, in turn, led to an interest in Africa and its people. That spurred extended distaste of the Apartheid movement which eventually led to its downfall and, from that, South Africa is now staging the football World Cup and, once again, the airwaves are filled with African music.

Go Paul !

Forced to choose just one track from the album I will invariably choose You can call me Al, not because it is the most African of the tracks but because Chevy Chase just has me in fits with his overly hammed performance in this video.

There’s a tip for everyone if they see I’m a bit down… just say “You can call me Al“, and it’s guaranteed to make me chuckle and start to brighten up again.

Cue Paul… cue Chevy… 😀

Oh, and a quick p.s. …

Does anybody know of a video streaming site that is accessible in China and which might have these tracks on it ?

YouTube is banned there so Amanda is missing out on all of this at the moment. 😦

Previous tracks in the series:

Track 2 – We’ve only just begun

Track 1 – Saltwater Joys.

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