My own personal version of Desert Island Discs, Track 2, “We’ve only just begun”

When I was growing up Sunday Lunch was part of our normal routine.

Dad would go to church while Mum did the cooking and we would have the radio on during lunch and list to Family Favourites.

It had originally been called “Forces Favourites” and I am fairly certain that I can remember it from as far back as that.

It was a program where service personnel stationed across the world could write in and request a certain record to be played for their loved ones at home and send them a message.

As time went on and “the war” was becoming more a part of history and less relevant to daily life it changed over to Family Favourites and, over time, it pretended to be co-hosted from various locations around the world too.

I say pretended because it was obvious that the foreign elements had been pre-recorded despite the best efforts of the script writers and editors to make it appear we were “going live” to Canada, Cyprus or some other Commonwealth country.

The family tradition continued for as long as I lived at home with Mum and Dad and it was through the program that I first heard Karen Carpenter’s wonderful voice.

I can still recall the Canadian correspondent, having read out the message from the ex-pats in Canada to their family and friends back home, introducing the record that followed as being “by a new Canadian brother and sister duo who are making a big impact over here.“.

That duo were to become regular performers on the program as their popularity grew.

We’ve only just begun” is a favourite Carpenters track of mine not because of the quality of the production (which I actually think is well below the normal par for them… a bit scratchy and hollow) but because I find the harmonies so beautiful and flowing.

Of the various videos available to accompany the song on here I have chosen one that I had not seen before, an odd little Japanese (?) story of developing love between two school kids.

I hope you like it.

Previous tracks in the series:
Track 1 – Saltwater Joys.

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