My own personal version of Desert Island Discs, Track 1, “Saltwater Joys”

The elements conspired on me earlier today to rekindle some old memories and to bring a special kind of warmth to me that I hadn’t felt for many a long time.

As I mused over the quiet enjoyment of the moment and allowed my mind to follow its own path it bumped into an old fantasy, one which will never come true in the real sense but which I realised that I can live out through the pages of my blog.

I’m one of those people who dreams of, some day, being invited onto “Desert Island Discs“, a long running radio program on the good old BBC. The program has spawned numerous copycats over the years, all based around the theme of “pick some favourite music and tell us how it fits into your life“, and I realised long ago that I was never going to become famous enough to receive my own, personal invitation.

I can, however, reverse the situation and create my own version of the show here, and you are all invited.

Record 1 – Saltwater Joys – Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

Given the name I chose for this blog there seems no more appropriate place to start than with “The Rock“, Newfoundland, an off-the-main-road destination that is so indicative of the way I like to travel; when I am out “for a drive” I will take a side turn that looks interesting, then a smaller side turn, then a smaller side turn… eventually ending up “who knows where ?“, but remote, peaceful, and contented.

That is how Newfoundland came into my life, being a bit off-the-main-road like it is.

Always looking for another side turn led to being up in wildest Labrador literally exploring places where modern civilisation hadn’t yet reached. That’s the only way to get shots like this…

Bald Eagle Chick Bald Eagle Chicks on their nest

One of the more common tourist attractions in Newfoundland is Western Brook Pond, a fjord which over the millennia has become cut off from the sea.

It was after I had disembarked from the boat tour around the Pond that I first heard “Saltwater Joys” being played on the Tannoy system of one of the boats.

A warm sunny, balmy day very similar to today in many respects with that slight hint of breeze that bestows a little comfort, and this music which brings back so many memories of what Newfoundland is all about, for me.

Heard for the first time with that strange “dead echo” that one experiences when close to water and cliffs, I just stood transfixed as I took in the sounds and the scene.

Of all the YouTube possibilities for this song I chose the following offering from Pat Williams because it most epitomises to me the simplicity and peace that I find on “The Rock”.

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