Being faced with two wild tigers (This post is not “Super-awesome”)

Last night I was sent into a state of panic again by one of the WordPress features, i.e. Surprise Me!.
To save me retyping what I have already written in the Forums here is a transcript of my response to the question “Can “Suprise me!” cue a video?” asked by windwhistle and the response by 1tess that reminded me that this is an optional feature.

Thanks for the “heads up” that this is optional….
When it first happened to me, way back when they (WP) first introduced this “feature” I was not amused.
Since being run over by a car four years ago and sustaining a mild Traumatic Brain Injury I have problems with many aspects of Executive Function, so when the first of these videos appeared I couldn’t work out what was happening.
Earlier in the day I had been listening to something with a quiet soundtrack and so the volume on my computer was still turned up high. …. This was not good news, especially as the basketball video that appeared on my screen had a loud soundtrack within itself !
Before I had the time to mentally analyse the screen and check out volume levels, location of volume slides etc most of my brain was scrambled by the deafening roar of the video.
I responded, vociferously, to WP through the message prompt at the bottom of the video making it quite clear that I was not amused and that I didn’t want that sort of surprise ever again.
Last night, just before signing off to go bed, it happened again.
This time I just managed to hit the mute button in time, but I didn’t hold back in my response to WP !
To me, with my condition, the panic and dread that it instilled in me was akin to suddenly coming across two wild tigers…. and I let them (WP) know my thoughts on the matter in no uncertain terms, so much so that I’m surprised to still be allowed on here today.
It took me hours to get to sleep last night.
They (WP) never replied to my original message, of course, so they never reminded me that this “feature” is optional.
My muddled recollection is that this is also connected to the “This post is super-awesome” button, but I’ll be prepared to live without that for some peace of mind with regard to these videos.
Anyway, rant over… Thanks again for reminding me that this could be optional.
I’ll track it down and nail the little #@*%?$.

And then, a few minutes later after I had disabled it…

Yep, nailed it in one…
And I was right, none of my posts will now be “Super-awesome”, so whatever that does behind the scenes I will have to forego.
Once again WP make one option do two different things and there is no way to separate them…. (See “Like/Reblog”)
Anyway, thanks again for the reminder that it’s optional, that’s given me great peace of mind.

I never have had the time to work out what benefits there might be from having ones posts flagged as “Super-awesome”.
Some people immediately reported largely increased hits on their posts but, long term, I can’t say that I have noticed any difference.
If WP were to come up with some nice surprises for a change then I, for one, would be much happier with them.
I can only assume that with it being the weekend nobody at WP has yet read my response to the video as I am still allowed access to WP because, believe me, I didn’t hold back !
All in all though, it does show that WordPress are starting to do everything with a two edged sword lately; you can have something good, but you have to have something bad if you want to implement it.
Not good.

3 Responses to “Being faced with two wild tigers (This post is not “Super-awesome”)”

  1. audioearth Says:

    hi i didn’t see you for a long time, how r you?

  2. honorarynewfie Says:

    Hi Vivi,
    I’m fine, thank you.
    Have been very busy lately but will drop by your blog over the weekend.
    Hope you are well.

    • audioearth Says:

      thanks, i am so glad you can remember me hehe, hope you are well too, take care.

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