Sponsor a long-distance hamster for charity



You can have some fun following the exploits of Amanda’s hamster, Sweetie, and sponsor her on her nightly marathons to help raise funds for Fife Headway.

Guess how far she can run in one day !

To read Sweetie’s full story, click here.

Update: Sweetie now has her own blog !

How far does a hamster run in a day ? Are you ready for this ?

Having already twice eclipsed her previous record from the last post by achieving 17.67Km, or just on 11 Miles, little Sweetie has stunned even us tonight….

22.79Km, or 14.16 Miles !!! In one 24 hour period !!!

She’s not much over 2 inches (5 cm) long and that is over half-marathon distance……! And she keeps on going !

I’m thinking of starting to take bets on what she will actually top out at.

In fact, that’s a good idea (methinks)….. Let’s have some fun….

I’ll wipe the slate clean and you can have a guess at what you think is the highest distance Sweetie will achieve over a single 24 hour period (normally 6am to 6am) between now and, let’s say, the World Cup Final (soccer) on 11th July 2010. The winner will be the person who guesses the closest, either above or below, to the actual highest distance achieved by that date. All guesses to 2 decimal places of a mile or a kilometer, whichever you prefer. e.g. 14.16 Miles or 22.79 Km

In the left sidebar of this blog are some buttons for you to donate to Fife Headway, my top charity. I’ve been trying to think of a venture that would enable people to sponsor something on my behalf, so why not ask you to sponsor Sweetie, and we can have some fun at the same time ? 😀

Clicking on one of the badges will open up a new tab/window at the JustGiving site where you can read a bit about why Fife Headway is so important to me.

When you make your donation you can personalise it with a message to me such as “Tom from Kirkcaldy, Scotland says Sweetie can run 14.16 Miles in a 24 hour period”. If you then tick the box that says I can see your e-mail address to thank you (and other boxes if you wish) then I will send you a personal thank you and, when the result is finally known, will notify you personally of your success. (You might have forgotten all about this blog by then).
Your email address will be used for no other purpose and will not be disclosed to any other party beyond myself and JustGiving.

UK taxpayers can also add GiftAid to their donations if they wish, and this benefits the charity even more.

Make a donation and let me know your guess and I’ll announce the name of the person who has made the closest guess on here after the World Cup Final.

If we take a guide donation of, let’s say, 50p per complete mile ? (this is not compulsory). In American terms 50p is about US 75c at today’s rates, for other currencies you will need to do your own calculations, but bear in mind that the exchange rates used by JustGiving may vary from those shown on any other site at any time.

Anyway, if you had thought that she would have been able to achieve todays figure of 14.16 miles then that would have been a suggested donation of ( 14 x £0.50 ) £7.00. Of course any and all donations to the cause are accepted with equal thanks, and your chance to guess is not restricted by the amount you donate. My adjudication as to the distance she travels is final and irrefutable.

If you wish to track-back, ping-back, (or whatever it is) to this post from your own blog, please do ! ….. Spread the word !

Thanks for participating, and I hope you will join in the spirit of this and help Fife Headway along the way.

All together now ….. Go Sweetie !!


4 Responses to “Sponsor a long-distance hamster for charity”

  1. Kikipotamus the Hobo Says:

    That is truly amazing! No wonder those hamster wheels are always going squeak, squeak, squeak.

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Haha, fortunately she’s so small and light that the wheel doesn’t squeak with her on it, it’s virtually silent. Good job too, otherwise poor Amanda wouldn’t get any sleep at all !

  2. audioearth Says:

    it’s so cuite, i am new here, hope u can teach me how to use, word press. thanks, hope u can visit my blog, thanks so much.

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Hi audioearth,
      Thanks for your message, and welcome to WordPress.
      Unfortunately unlike Richard at http://opposablethumbz.wordpress.com and timethief at http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com I am no great expert on WordPress nor, even more unfortunately, do I have a great deal of spare time in which to offer too much help to people.
      However, I will send you a message through the comment section of your “About” page highlighting some of the basic areas where you may need some assistance, and I hope they may be of some help to you. You can always delete the comment afterwards so that other people cannot read it.
      Be safe.

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