Say “Hello Sweetie”

Sweetie is so little ! Sweetie, in close-up

This is Sweetie, Amanda and Lily’s new little hamster… and I do mean little.
Unfortunately Mr. and Mrs. were too much for Amanda to cope with; their personalities (and their size) just didn’t suit her so, unfortunately, back to the shop they went.
Sweetie is much more like the hamsters that Amanda and Lily have had before, so I’m sure that she’ll have a happy little life.
But she is so small !
Amanda is away in Hunan for a few days on one of her “Office Outings”, so it will be interesting when she gets back to find out how well Sweetie has settled in, whether she has discovered her wheel and, if so, how far she has run.
Lovely little Sweetie.
(There you are, Phuong. I said there was a post for you. I think Lily chose the name for her.)

4 Responses to “Say “Hello Sweetie””

  1. Phuong Says:

    Hello Tom,
    I was moved to read ur bolg here .Thank you so much about Sweetie,Lily and little hamster……Nice new name,nice pics of lovely hamsters……I love them….Yeah sweet life,happiness cz of having you and beautiful Amanda and writing something to share our thoughnessful here.I am happy and go on my way ahead.Lots of loving ,warm to you both there,my dearest friend.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Oh, what a cute little fuzzy baby! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Isn’t she ?
      And soooo teeny !

  3. audioearth Says:

    good morning Honorarynewfie, i think your blog is very good, i like the cute this Sweetie. have a luck day.

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