Truth or Fiction (2) – Answers

Well that got a huge response, didn’t it ? 😦

Nobody got the right answer, including you Kelly. 😉

Anyway, here’s how it goes….

1 ) For his 89th birthday I gave my Dad… a flying lesson !

True. The old boy had been in the RAF for the whole of WWII but had never actually been off the ground.  On his birthday we took him for a drive in the country and “just happened” to end up at the local airfield where we said we could grab a cup of tea and have a look around.  His pre-arranged and carefully chosen instructor, Steve, wandered over to us while we were in the canteen and started chatting with us.  He just happened to mention that he had served in the RAF, so Dad got engrossed in talking with him and swapping memories… and then Steve said, “Right, well we’re going flying”.  The look on Dad’s face was a picture !

He was the flying school’s oldest ever student and always said that he was going to do it again for his 90th, but unfortunately neither of them saw their next birthday; Dad passed away in the following May and Steve was lost in a tragic accident in the Welsh mountains.

R.I.P. both.

2 ) When unemployed once I kept myself afloat by making and selling candles.

Never ! Fanciful thinking this one.  It’s something I would like to have as a hobby, but the competition these days is so great I would never be able to actually make money doing it.

3 ) On the wall behind my computer desk is a large collage of pictures celebrating when Reading Football Club won promotion to the Premiership.

True, of course. Oh how I wish that team was still together… Played 46, Won 31, Drawn 13, Lost 2.  106 points (a record). What a way to get to the top flight of  football for the first time ever ! “Come on you Royals !!”

4 ) When at home I drink my tea from a pint sized mug.

True, and I have done for years.  I used to get hay fever very badly when I was young, but in my early twenties it faded away and I became prone to getting migraines instead.  I can’t remember the details of how, but I discovered they were caused by dehydration.  So ever since I have taken fluids in copious quantities, tea being my preferred tipple.  I have a pint mug of water by the bed at all times too.

5 ) I drive a 13 year old Peugeot diesel estate.

Well who wouldn’t ? The Peugeot diesel engine is the most reliable engine in the world, and I can hardly imaging driving anything else.  When I moved up to this model the previous one (at least as old) had sat in the back yard for three months through the Welsh winter, untouched, and it started first time the day we took it to the scrappy.  It wasn’t pretty, the bodywork leaked, but the engine had done 250,000 miles and was still going strong !  There’s only 160,000 miles on this one and it still gets through it’s annual MOT test no problem, touch wood !

6) My feet are size 11. (UK sizing)

That’s me. Big, wide feet.  High instep.  Buying shoes can be a bitch !

7 ) I used to be a football referee. (soccer)

True. I was doing quite well at it too.  At the end of the first season, based on the reports that the teams themselves submitted to the league, I was selected to run the line in one of the local Cup Finals.  I was half way through my second season, and had already had good assessments for qualifying for my Grade 2, when I got ligament trouble in my right knee.  It progressively got worse until it packed up completely in the middle of one match, so I had to give up the refereeing. Shame.

8 ) My favourite joke is:

  • There are 10 types of people: those who understand Binary, and those who don’t.

Yep, they don’t come much better than that. 🙂

2 Responses to “Truth or Fiction (2) – Answers”

  1. Kikipotamus the Hobo Says:

    Well, rats. I should have guessed it was the candles, since it would be pretty hard to earn a living just off making candles…though I know one person who does, but she has helpers. Thanks for sharing these little tidbits. The car sounds dreamy.

  2. honorarynewfie Says:

    Haha… nobody has ever referred to “Newt” as Dreamy before. 🙂

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