Truth or Fiction (2)

As part of the deal for accepting the “Kreativ Blogger” award from Kelly in the previous post I have to tell you seven things about myself.

What better way than to have another game of Truth or Fiction ?

One of the following statements about me is untrue. All you have to do is spot which one, and tell me why you think that’s bullsh1t !

1 ) For his 89th birthday I gave my Dad… a flying lesson !

2 ) When unemployed once I kept myself afloat by making and selling candles.

3 ) On the wall behind my computer desk is a large collage of pictures celebrating when Reading Football Club won promotion to the Premiership.

4 ) When at home I drink my tea from a pint sized mug.

5 ) I drive a 13 year old Peugeot diesel estate.

6) My feet are size 11. (UK sizing)

7 ) I used to be a football referee. (soccer)

8 ) My favourite joke is:

  • There are 10 types of people: those who understand Binary, and those who don’t.

Good luck ! Answers will probably be posted early next week.

One Response to “Truth or Fiction (2)”

  1. Kikipotamus the Hobo Says:

    Ack! You have made this really hard! Ok, how about #5. Though I’m really tempted to pick the last one because…that’s MY favourite joke! But no, I’ll stick with #5.

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