So much to learn…

Last night was “Queen Night” on the “X” Factor and it got me thinking again about how much in life that seems just perfectly natural to me means absolutely nothing to Amanda because she “wasn’t there”.

So here is a list of some things, people, events etc that are just a normal part of life to me but will need explaining to Amanda…..

Freddy Mercury (God rest you Freddie)
The Beatles
the lunar landings
Falklands War
World War II (the European part)
the Normandy beaches
The Battle of Britain
Remembrance Sunday
New Year (Western as opposed to Chinese)
Top Gear
Top Gun
Top of the Pops
“Ghost” (I’m looking forward to explaining some of that…)
Heaven Can Wait (…. have I got a morbid streak ?)
J J Cale
Love Actually
Last of the Summer Wine
The Two Ronnies
Monty Python (God help me !……)
the Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (… and again !)
Slartibartfast (well, one has to start somewhere πŸ˜‰ )
wedding receptions
summer holidays
I’m ****ing Matt Damon
Trevor Senior, Jimmy Quinn, Martin Hicks, et al…
Elm Park
Reading 2 – Brighton 0
Ally McBeal
(spot the link between the last two ! )
Maggie Thatcher
(where am I going with this ? …..)
Radio Luxembourg
The Ashes
the Barmy Army
Lord’s (Mecca)
bunking off work to go to Chesterfield to see Middlesex play, only to find you get caught in a close-up on tv with a tinny in your hand ….. !
I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue
Mornington Crescent (there’s an easy one, won’t take long…)
The Commonwealth
“Dr. Livingstone, I presume ?”
The whole of the Roman Empire, and everything it has meant to everyone in the Western world ever since…….
Henry VIII
Manuel from Fawlty Towers
the Eurovision Song Contest (I don’t even understand that myself !)
Galway Bay
the old Wembley Stadium
American Football
Snow (although actually, Amanda spent 8 months studying in Minnesota, so she already knows what snow is !)
French Knickers
Morecambe & Wise
Benny Hill
The summer of Love
If you’re Going To San Francisco
99 Red Balloons
Richard Branson
VW Beetle (my Dad and I both had one at the same time)
The Masters
the 7th at Pebble Beach
Minestrone Soup
Double Cream
Rag, Tag and Bobtail (I used to get so scared that one of them would get lost :-S)
Postman Pat
the Old Man of Hoy
the National Trust
Badminton Horse Trials
Billy Connolly
James Bond
Sean Connery
the Isle of Skye
Norse Mythology
The Blue Danube
Torville & Dean
package holidays
IBM AS/400


How many is that ?

I hope she’s a good listener…. this may take some time… πŸ˜‰

Does anybody have any more suggestions ?

4 Responses to “So much to learn…”

  1. sharplesoh Says:

    mornigton crescent was the tube station closest to pierre’s shop in london …. hugs Andrea

    and ”rag puddings” for Amanda

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Hello you !
      Thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚
      Just two questions….
      1 ) Who’s Pierre ?
      2 ) WTF are rag puddings ?

  2. sharplesoh Says:

    pierre alexander was the guy I worked for when I was hairdressing in manchester, he also bragged about a shop in london, that was on camden rd, we all thought very trendy …. till me and a friend went to london for some wella thing at the ritz, and found out that the shop was at the ”wrong end” of camden (mornigton crescent tube station)
    rag puddings, are an Oldham food, it’s a retangle of suet pastry filled with meat and onions and a bit of gravy, tradationally wrapped in cotton rags and tied up (I wrap mine in cling film) and boiled for a couple of hrs, a normal meat pudding, but in a different shape

    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Well that would explain why I had no idea who he was….
      Not sure Amanda would like the rag puds, a bit too heavy and stodgy for her (just like her husband 😦 )

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