SocialVibe: Is it any good ?

Well the simple answer is “I don’t know… yet”.

The principle seems like a good idea, raising money for charitable causes just by adding a widget badge to the right sidebar of my blog, but at the moment I’m not even sure I have the thing set up properly !

I would have liked to be able to support Headway through this, but they aren’t yet on the list of organisations that are supported in this way, so I’ve selected the World Wildlife Fund because the animals “out there” can’t help themselves against the damage that we humans are doing to the planet.  The WWF is raising funds through this to raise awareness that we need to reduce our carbon emissions to help protect the animals.

If you would like to help WWF just by following a link and viewing a trailer for “Three Rivers” on CBS, then please do “click away”.  I don’t think you have to part with any cash yourself along the way, at least I hope you don’t, (confirmed) although I’m sure they will be very grateful for any donation you may be inspired to make !

Will maybe add my own follow-up comments on this as I find out more.

(Edited 09.09.20)

3 Responses to “SocialVibe: Is it any good ?”

  1. honorarynewfie Says:

    No I haven’t set the widget up properly, because I can’t !

    According to the support page on WordPress there are supposed to be a couple of text boxes in the widget maintenance where I can enter my own description of what’s going on which will then show in place of some of the text in the sponsor box, but they don’t appear either when using Chrome or when using Explorer. Haven’t had time to see if they are actually defined in the page source or not.

    I’m also none too happy about the fact that the SocialVibe site itself 1) is horribly slow and 2) gives each “member” a little identity card with details about them (but that’s just a pet hate of mine, so expect me to winge about it !)
    [reminder to self: delete your profile on Facebook]

    But anyway, I would still like you all to just take a moment to click on the sponsor box because (hopefully) the WWF will actually get money from CBS by it, even though the SocialVibe site does actually say that the funds are distributed quarterly, which seems a bit mean.

    Gripe… moan… bah! Humbug….

  2. Felonious Monk Says:

    Well your widget seems ok to me, I was able to click and help your cause. Clicking only cost your sponsor, you and the people that click won’t pay a thing (except the minute of time it took). I’ve been a member of SV for a couple of months now and I think it’s great, I try to click every badge I come across. So good luck with your cause.


  3. honorarynewfie Says:

    Hi Monk, and thank you.
    Yes, I think I understand the concept now to the point where I can be appreciative of the companies who are providing the sponsorship.
    Impressive numbers on your “badge”. (That’s the word… short-term memory problems kicked in again while I was posting :-S )
    Think I might have a go at your Creative Writing exercise …

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