Felonious Monk’s Creative Writing Exercise #2

I don’t know if this is what Monk meant in his Creative Writing Exercise #2 but….

“I discovered the zenith of pain when it became evident that an infinite amount of wax was liberally jammed in my ear.”

(well, it’s a start…)

4 Responses to “Felonious Monk’s Creative Writing Exercise #2”

  1. Jimney Cricket Says:

    LOL!!! Well I don’t know if it’s what he meant or not, but I did get a laugh out of it! 🙂

    • Jimney Cricket Says:

      Oh yeah… forgot to mention- I’m Jimney. lol 🙂

  2. Felonious Monk Says:

    It’s exactly what I meant (you’re just the first one to do it in one sentence). That’s great.


    • honorarynewfie Says:

      Hi Monk,
      Wow, I actually managed to do something right this week !
      Given the way things have have been going, that’s one big boost… Thanks

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