“Look at your wife.”

Outside the Nanning Government Service Centre (Registration Office)

Nervous moments

Getting ready to sign the paperwork


It's time for the rings

It's time for the rings

The photographer spoke in a monotone voice the whole time, and yet with a certainty that was apparent even though I could not understand a word that he said, except on the occasional times when he broke into his limited English. 


As the sessions continued I became more used to what was required of me, and gradually his utterances of “Sir” and a hand gesture became easier to understand.  He smiled and said “Oh yes!” more often.


All the while his assistant busied himself with the task of positioning us, our hands and our clothes. His favourite expression seemed to be “Okay, Sir, take a break” whenever my involvement in a sitting was complete.


Sometimes there was a degree of confusion but, on the whole, things went fairly smoothly. 


Amanda acted as translator for us, passing on the instructions from the pair of them, and the instruction I enjoyed hearing from her the most was “Look at your wife”.



I looked at the beautiful face so close to mine. 


I looked into the eyes of my Amanda who was radiant as I had never seen her before.



She was happy, delighted, and delightful. 


I looked into the eyes of my beautiful Amanda and wondered how life could ever be better than this.


Amanda in her 'Wedding Dress'

Amanda in her 'Wedding Dress'

“Look at your wife”…. MY wife… My beautiful, darling wife of just 24 hours.  I looked at my wife, and every time I did my heart sang.  I floated on clouds of love and wonder.  What on earth had I done to deserve these moments ?



The most beautiful sight one could ever wish to see.  My beautiful Amanda, my beautiful wife, looking simply perfect… stunning !.



I floated on air whenever I heard those words…. “Look at your wife”.



Once the pictures are ready you, too, will be able to look at my wife as she was on that perfect day, the day we spent at the photographers the day after we had been married.



In the meantime, and as a little taster, you will have to make do with this collection of snippets from those two days.



Amanda, my darling, my beautiful little Chinese wife, I love you so much !

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