I’ll be seeing you in 36 hours from now

Well this is it…

At 5am tomorrow I get up, head for Edinburgh airport, and set off to meet one beautiful lady 🙂

At last all the waiting will be over.  Yippee !

My Amanda hosts a Quiz Night Amanda by the river in Nanning one lunchtime


Yes, Amanda does like wearing red and black… but the new dress she bought yesterday (classic Chinese style) is more subdued. 😉

She’s already in Hong Kong waiting for me, staying with her friend who, coincidentally, will be catching the very plane I am arriving on … That’s another wierd coincidence !

The weather could be better there for me, heavy rain and thunderstorms, with a temperature pushing 30C… that’s 86F…  Erk !!  For someone who dislikes it over 70F I sure did pick the wrong time of year didn’t I ?

I’ll be putting some pictures up on here every couple of days while I’m away, so all of you can hopefully see something of what China is like, and how much we are enjoying ourselves.

Take care y’all !

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