China here I come

What a busy time I’ve had lately.

I started a part-time “work placement” a few weeks ago as part of the “work prep” scheme that I’m on.  This is a scheme that helps people who have been out of work due to some form of disability to get back into the swing of what working means.  It monitors the progress of their mental tiredness, interacting abilities, capability to perform the tasks set in the workplace etc etc, and the support team are there “on call” to discuss anything and everything that may be of help.

My placement is with a company which imports and distributes kiddies sweets to supermarkets and wholesalers, “candies” to any Americans out there.

The job itself is a Finance Assistant, and is virtually the same as the last job I had in Wales before I moved to Scotland, so I have the benefit of being able to drop right on to it.  Same software (albeit newer version), similar procedures.

And the good news is that I have now been offered the job on a full-time basis.  Yee-ha ! 😀

The placement will continue until I take my 2 weeks off to go and see Amanda 😛 in China, and then I’ll start full-time when I get back.  Excellent.

Amanda and I are making our plans for what we will be doing while I’m over there.  As she lives so close to the border we are planning to go to Hanoi for a few days, which will be good because I have always wanted to see ‘Nam.

Amanda will be coming over here at the start of July for a couple of weeks so she can see what the UK is like.  The captain of our Quiz team at the pub is the manager of a letting agency and she has agreed to show us some around some places so that Amanda has an idea of the sort of accomodation she can expect when she moves here next year.

My best mate, Baz, has had his triple bypass op.  It seems to have gone well, so here’s hoping.

I’m still feeling the pace because of having gone down to Reading last weekend to see my daughter and her family, and then having worked every day since I’ve been back, so I’m looking forward to having a holiday (just so that I can sleep on the plane !)

I’m still managing to lose weight (despite putting a couple of pounds back on last week due to junk food on the road), and am supposed to be finally giving up smoking today (but am struggling with that).  Must quit !!… Must quit !!

Am still enjoying my food, doing stir-fry every day and eating lots of fruit.

All-in-all everything is going well…. things are starting to come together at last… really good.

It can’t last.

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