Where did I put that “Me Time” ?

Oh you just can’t start a work placement, travel from one end of the country to the other at short notice, see your daughter for the first time in 12 months, your grandchildren for the first time in 2 years, and visit your best mate in hospital before he has his triple heart bypass op without some smartass coming along and asking if your Chinese fiancee (who you still have to try to find time to cam with because she’s missing you like crazy and the time difference messes up every day, but by hell it’s worth it 😀 ) is taking up all your time and might just be the reason you haven’t posted anything for a while !

Pant… pant…

And then when you are trying to post something the following generations are arguing in the background about who’s watching what on the TV, the toddler is waving all sorts of stuff around your knees (none of which is hers, but is stuff that 3rd grandchild proudly showed you half an hour ago), and generally speaking it’s a good job this isn’t a video-post because the noise and language in the background is appalling.

And not only that but my boys lost 2-0 to Arsenal this afternoon (it could have been 8-0) and are now only 1 position above relegation, so I’m in a grotty mood anyway.

And when I was camming with Amanda earlier she looked drop-dead gorgeous and I really, really wanted to say some personal 😉 things to her, but that was impossible with all and sundry making a hell of a din because I had brought my Wii with me (so you can guess the chaos that reigned) and “hug-monster” 10-year old grand-daughter was hanging off my neck most of the time.

Dammit… Amanda does pick the most inopportune moments to look as gorgeous as that !

But it is good that she sees me “relating” to the family, and an even better thing that she can’t hear what I’m thinking of shouting out to everyone.  Suffice to say that the second word is “…off !!”.  Grrrrr.

Oh well, let’s look for some benefits…..

1.  Now I’m down here I have getting home to look forward to.  Peace and quiet !  Ahhhhhh…..

1.a. And that will mean no TV blaring the whole time when the Wii isn’t on !  Even more Ahhhhhh….

2. Daughter’s guy can’t read, so even though he walked behind me while I was typing the above and I saw him glance at the screen, he won’t have had a clue what I was writing.  (Reminder to self: Don’t mention the adult literacy classes).

3. The birthday card I sent Amanda a week before her birthday in early March finally arrived today.  Thank you China Post !!  (And that was Air Mail)  Apparantly is was marked as having been in Nanning for the last 10 days, so I guess the postman must have a large round.

4. At least Amanda and I did manage to discuss some of the plans for my trip next month, which has given both of us a boost.  Can’t wait to get there and be with her, and it’s nice to know that she’s champing at the bit as well 😉 .  Meet in Hong Kong, Guangzhou to sort out her UK visa, Nanning to see her place and family, then a trip to Hanoi (if I can stand the heat in June) or at least some other local travel.  Who cares, as long as we’re together.

That’s it, I’m bushed.  The din has subsided a little, so it’s time for another cup of tea and some “me time”.

Oh, God…. now the cat wants in……………

2 Responses to “Where did I put that “Me Time” ?”

  1. Abbadon Says:

    Christ I’m exhausted just from reading!

    I’d like to do Hong Kong again sometime, and other parts of China I never got to see.

  2. honorarynewfie Says:

    Wot, no stamina ?
    Some people are just never satisfied ! 😀
    Will be meeting Amanda in Hong Kong before heading to her home with her.
    Must dash, hospital to visit.
    Catch you soon.

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