Every continent covered !

Hey… yippee, I just noticed… I got a hit from Brazil in the last 24 hours !!

Yeehaa… that means that every single continent in the world has now visited my blog !!

Thank you people !… No, seriously… I mean it… that has absolutely made my day !! 🙂

This might be a c**p blog, but hell !…. it’s spreading…

You people are wonderful !

3 Responses to “Every continent covered !”

  1. Abbadon Says:

    You’ve had a hit from Antarctica???

    Very cool!

    Mine’s a load of crap, too, but you’re one up on me!

  2. honorarynewfie Says:

    OK Abbadon… let’s not get picky here. Is it my fault Clustrmaps don’t show Antarctica ?

    Actually I’m going to claim it as true….. it was an Australian scientist logging in through his home url…. (how’s that for cheating ?)

    How are the shins ?

  3. Abbadon Says:

    Yeah, I thought you were full of shit about that one!

    The shins? I’m expecting another kick from PJM any minute for calling bullshit on the Melodramatic Zimbabwean Chatwhiner…

    PJM is a real doll though, so she’s allowed…

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