A proper Blog Post (at last)

Yes, it’s been a while since I actually did anything that one could call a proper post !

So, what’s been happening in my life recently….

As you can tell by the other recent posts… not much, and what there is all sounds fairly depressing.

The truth is I’ve had a stinking cold this week, that doesn’t seem to be improving at any great pace, so I’ve been stuck in the flat reading and commenting on other people blogs (and making some new “friends” along the way),  playing online poker (not for real money), and buying more shares in “Lemsip”.  Sleep has gone walkabout; one night I got no more than 15 minutes at a time because my head was so bunged up.  All in all not much of a life (except for the “friends” bit). 😦

Talking of friends, I got a surprise message from an old school buddy on Friends Reunited during the week.  He hasn’t changed much, except for putting on a reasonable amount of weight.  It was good to make contact again, I must get around to writing to him properly.

Just before the cold really hit me I started another blog on here “braininjury” (see the note at the top of the left column) which is intended to be a central index of organisations worldwide that are set up to provide care and support for those suffering from Acquired Brain Injury.  It’s going to be quite a task though, collating and organising all the data, so if any good natured soul out there would like to offer to lend a hand I’d really appreciate it.  I know how long it took me to find help after the accident and how much it meant just to be able to talk to somebody who actually understood.  What a difference it made !!

I have managed to get around to a few outstanding phonecalls and a bit of similarly outstanding paperwork, which is good, but other than that the vacancy for the cleaner is still open (as long as he/she doesn’t mind doing some ironing as well).

Oh, I did manage to venture out down town quickly to pick up my new reading glasses.  I think the left lens isn’t quite perfect, but they make a big difference now for looking at the screen and the keyboard.  Hopefully I might be able to start doing the crosswords and the sudoku in the paper again… might even be able to read the paper !!

Getting the radiator in the car replaced is sounding like it’s going to turn into another exhaust episode.  I went over to my nephew John’s last weekend for him to fit the new one, only to discover that my car apparantly has two radiators put together like a cobweb sandwich and, of course, the shop had sold him the front one…..  The “correct” one was supposed to arrive today but didn’t, so maybe I won’t have to go over to his place tomorrow after all.  That will suit me anyway because I don’t fancy having to drive 45 minutes each way given how I’m feeling.

This week was supposed to have been “Week 2” of the “Work Prep” scheme that I started the week before but, given my condition, I was told to “stay away !!”.  Pity really because I want to try to keep the momentum going there.  I’m working on their website with a view to getting a work placement in that line at the end of it.  I’m proving to myself that I still have all my old skills, but the mental stamina, concentration levels and speed of thought are still very much below what I would call “par”.  But it’s early days… it will come.

I have no idea how I would have survived this last week without “the world” that I can interact with through the internet.  I’m not good at being “alone”, I never have been.  I really just want somebody to put their arms around me so that I can get some sleep.  You know what I mean ?… that special someone who understands that, sometimes, no words are needed… just the mere fact that they are holding you puts you at peace with everything and gives you the chance to rest.

She’s out there somewhere.

Where do I leave the key ?

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