How much will the US now Fidel in Cuba’s affairs ?

So after 49 years in charge of Cuba, Fidel Castro is to stand down at last.

I guess we can assume that preparations are already well under way in the White House to try to exert influence over Cuba’s internal affairs over the coming months.

I am one of those who has never known a Cuba without Castro, I was only six years old when he rode into power.  I do not approve of such actions, but nor do I approve of the actions of individual foreign governments in trying to influence the political situation in another country.  It is my belief that the United Nations was set up in order to take that role, where it would deem such action to be appropriate.

There are many things about Cuba’s internal affairs of which I cannot say I approve and I am aware that many people have suffered under his regime, but Castro is to be applauded for the free Healthcare and Education systems which have been a part of his country’s recent history.  May they continue long after he is gone.

As for Fidel Castro himself… well as someone who has no personal axe to grind with him and who applauds anyone who stands up to the individual actions of a “Superpower” (any Superpower) I can do no more than wish him well for the future.

What a shame it is that the UN has become such an impotent entity that it is no more than a puppet of the US.  Perhaps if it were to move its’ headquarters away from that country then it may at least appear not to be so, which would be a start.  Getting some “balls” would be a good second move.

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