Barclays profits down 1% to £7.1bn – Oh my bleeding heart!

Oh dear… here we go.  Brace yourself for a string of terrible announcements from the Big Five banks bemoaning the fact that their profits are down this year.

What do we think… will one of them have profits which have gone down by 2% …. or (heaven forbid) even more ?!… Panic now !

But there may be a solution….

They will, of course, need to find ways to redress this appalling situation.  After all, do you realise that this means that Barclays managed to rip its customers off by £71 million less than last year.

So come on people, let’s all club together and see if we can help them out here !!!

I’ll let them increase my overdraft to £5 million (which I will, of course, withdraw so that I have to pay them the interest on it) and they can charge me 10% over base rate for the pleasure as well as an “arrangement fee” of at least £25,000 .  Oh, and my Disablity Benefits can be diverted straight to their central account as well, just to make certain that I’m doing all I can to help them.  After all, I’m sure they would help me out if I’d hit on hard times.

If we all do the same then, with any luck, we won’t have to suffer such terrible news next year.

Surely, it is much more important that they make repugnantly huge profits by screwing the general public into poverty than doing anything as noble or magnamanous as reducing their charges.

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