I seem to like “nice”

What is soooo wrong with that word ??

Some people seem to ridicule its’ use, but maybe that’s because they don’t understand its’ flexibility.

Okay, so it could be I’m just being mentally lazy when I use it and I should, actually, be taking the time to think of something more appropriate or trying to define a more specific feeling.

But I think it allows the listener/reader to put their own interpretation onto something… it’s my way of saying “this pleases me in my way, I hope you find your own version of pleasure in it too”. I’m not enforcing a particular feeling or emotion onto anyone, just offering a generalised notion of happiness and contentment.

And surely that’s just, well… plain nice !

(WordPress doesn’t have a Poll facility yet, but please feel free to leave your comments, either positive or negative.  It would be nice to hear your point of view.)

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