Lost in Translation (1)

Have you ever tried to translate from Chinese to English using computerised translation tools ?  What a laugh !

It’s probably fair to say that the reverse translation comes up with some weird things too, as might other languages, but as I can’t see things from “the other side” and nobody talks to me in any other languages I only have my own experiences to go on.

Today was a typical example.

I am trying to hold an e:mail conversation with somebody in China whose English is almost non-existant (which is a trillion times better than my Chinese) and so we have agreed that we will include the text of each message in our own language and the translated version as our own translation software sees it.

Google Translate (yes, we all hate Google but this piece of software is about the best FREE translator I have found) tells me…

We are in for the winter vacation, shopping for Spring Festival.

Okay, I can understand that.

My friend’s translator has sent me….

We are ferrying now and stuff the holiday.

Oh… and I thought you were enjoying spending some time together !…

So two questions here then…

1.  Does anyone out there know of any really good FREE Chinese/English/Chinese translation software ?

2.  Has anyone got any more classic pieces of translating goofery ?

If I get a reasonable collection of funny ones I might put them up on a new page.

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