Oh dear…

… what have I done ?

This is all because of a dating site I joined a couple of weeks ago.  I began by reading the blogs on there, started doing a bit of blogging myself, and now here I am out in the real world… and it’s scary !!

I have no idea what sort of trash might end up in here.  I can be fairly opinionated sometimes, but generally I’m a friendly sort of guy.  I’m always ready to help somebody if I can, so if anyone has a problem that needs solving….

No, on second thoughts, scrap that… I don’t want the whole thing covered with “Dear Dork” letters !

I stumbled across this site from a Google search which happened to hit on “Radio Icebox”‘s blog on here.  As at the point of writing this post that’s the only other one I’ve seen on here (time is short today), but I can recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.  Very friendly.

Anyway it’s quiz night at the pub tonight, first match of the new league season, so I’ve gotta run.  Will get around to explaining the “honorarynewfie” bit at some other time.

Bye for now.

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